Schools & colleges

At Hygienico we understand that educational establishments demand a more flexible and experienced approach than standard basic cleaning. Our professional cleaning teams can administer a high level of quality cleaning,along with dedicated supervisional checks we can provide an efficient cost effective cleaning service second to none.

All staff are uniformed and carry company identification. Enhanced DBS checks are available if required.

A full 25 point schedule will be administered,along with any advanced procedures that may be required. Hygienico use the very latest in cleaning product innovations to provide our customers with exceptionally high standards of commercial cleaning as well as being environmentally friendly. We always promote the latest in cleaning technology and procedures.

Microfibre technology is arguably one of the most important innovations to the cleaning industry in recent times. Not only has Microfibre technology proven to reduce time and energy in the science of cleaning, it is environmentally friendly and rarely requires the use of harsh chemicals. The use of Microfibre cloths, mops, and other tools are paramount to a clean and hygienic working procedure. Cross contamination can be a potentially dangerous problem. This may occur, for example, when using the same cloth or tool to clean the washroom area and then the kitchen space. At Hygienico we adhere to a strict anti-cross contamination procedure. This includes training our staff to follow to a rigid colour coding system separating all cleaning tools, cloths and mops for specific areas of use.

At Hygienico we always deliver outstanding cleaning services at very competitive rates.